For anyone that has followed this blog, you know the struggles and challenges we all have faced in regards to the permitting of “legally zoned” vacation rentals in the City of Santa Barbara.  The city has come down hard on all vacation rentals in Santa Barbara as of June of last year with the anti-AirBnB

That’s the question on everyone’s mind and asked a lot over the past few months. There are no easy answers…remember, we are dealing with the City of Santa Barbara and their newly enforced requirements in regards to vacation rentals.  Keep in mind, they do not want to permit any vacation rentals as they see this

Unfortunately, I believe the battle over short term rentals in Santa Barbara has only just begun. On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 the Santa Barbara City Council unanimously decided to not do anything in terms of adding a new ordinance to the municipal code whereby a definition and potential guidelines for a “home share” would come

Appropriate Zone and Zoned Appropriately Where am I going, where have I been? 12 weeks and counting…yes I am counting.  The day we sought to become legally permitted as a vacation rental in the City of Santa Barbara for a property zoned R-4 and legally allowed to vacation rent began Monday, August 17, 2015.  Yesterday