For anyone that has followed my journey to get a property in the R-4 “legally allowed” zone in Santa Barbara permitted since August of 2015, you know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the permit.  Well guess what, not only is it impossible, we have come to find out, for 1 unit,  it is actually not

Currently we have over 30 property owners in the R-4 areas of Santa Barbara that are working together to shed light on this horrific unattainable process and hopefully enact change  for people wanting to vacation rent or short term rent their properties in Santa Barbara. The City of Santa Barbara process to convert your property

Calling all owners of  R-4 Properties within the City of Santa Barbara that currently short term rent or wish to in the future! Are you aware of the process the City of Santa Barbara has in place to obtain the permit for a vacation rental or short term rental STR in the R-4 Zone? After

If you have followed our journey towards obtaining the permit for a vacation rental in Santa Barbara, you know how ridiculous and onerous this process has been and started for us back in August of 2015.  To date, the City of Santa Barbara has only been able to permit  1 legal vacation rental in over