Vacation Rentals and the City of Santa Barbara It’s been a couple years since I’ve added to this blog and for numerous reasons.  For starters, there is active litigation that many of my clients are currently involved in…they are suing the City of Santa Barbara for attempting to take away their property rights in both

Well, we knew it would end up here.  Let me tell you that one thing I have learned over the last 2 1/2 years in trying to legally permit a short term rental in the City of Santa Barbara is that the city is under the “rule” of the staff in the City Planning Department

In probably one of the absolute worst legal decisions the city of Santa Barbara has ever made, City Council on Tuesday, July 18th decided to vote 5-2 that “housing stock” was more important that an owners right to use their home in the allowed use zone as is protected and permitted by right. These zones

One thing I have learned over last 2 years is that I cannot wait for this nightmare to be over.  To see firsthand how shady Santa Barbara city staff have been is a huge wake up call and frankly my first experience in, and swift exit out, of politics. What I do know is that