6 weeks later… Optimism, change for the better and owner property rights was what I left with after each meeting about this topic on vacation rental reform.  As a real estate broker and property manager, I was perhaps the only one that felt this change would be good and healthy for our city.  That’s the rule follower

Vacation Rentals and Home Sharing in Santa Barbara Update July 21, 2015 It’s been a few weeks since the Santa Barbara City Council made it very clear that they would not be legalizing “Vacation Rentals” in Santa Barbara. With so many opinions, questions, incorrect facts swirling and homeowners concerned as to the fate of their

Timing is Everything…

Do you remember the 2014 Oscars telecast? Probably not, but there was a moment that anyone who saw it won’t forget:It was when Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres (as a gag) brought a pizza delivery guy on stage in the middle of the awards ceremony to serve pizza to Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford and

Your Vacation & Income Home!

A few years ago we decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a vacation home on the island of Oahu.  We thought we would enjoy it when we were there and rent it out to cover the payments.  Little did we know, this investment began the start of something even bigger than we